Hi girls!

So i went to Sunway Pyramid earlier today and guess whaaaatttt! Etude house was having a buy 1 free 1 thingy going on. I was a little too excited i guess. 

So i saw this tint called Dear Darling Tint (RM31.00) and it was quite tempting cause COME ONNNNNN RM31 for two tints????? Good buy good buy :p ok so they come in 3 colours. Red, pink and orange. (I can't really find the codes or anything). So i got one in pink and one in orange! (Too many red lip products alrdy) 

Okay so here:

Pretty right?!?! They smell so SO GOOD!! Lik strawberry aha. Hehehe okay i did the swatchy swatch thingy thing. Here! 

Orange on top. Pink at the bottom!

Okay so i quite like how it looks on my lips! It kinda gives you the ombre kinda effect too! They last super long! Its like a lip tattoo???????¿ coolios! 

One thing i don't fancy is that they taste bad! Like super bitter and what not. (Some lip products taste good ok) (ok maybe tasteless also got) but this one taste so bad!!!!!!! No no no. But aside from that, its a great product! 

I rate it 8/10 ! 

Thanks for reading! Hope it helped some of you! xx